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Welcome to my vault of divers who have Kissed Arse! .......My name is Ian Taylor

Before we start I had better inform those that don't know the rules of Skin Deep diving.
Rule 1 If you actually discover a ships bell when diving from Skin Deep and recover it to the decks of skin deep you have to kiss my arse! No more rules ! This is a very traditional aboard skin deep and was originally initiated by the late Andy Smith. The way I see it is "you're either in the vault or your not"!...... Enjoy!
Skin Deep Skipper Ian Taylot
Often I have a play with the bells before the divers are up Should I name the victim? Pensioner kisses my arse The conch bell
Members of the public even came out for this one Dave Eavesham from years gone by Me old mate Des Murry gets to know me a little better One of Des's bells
Do you like my yellow leggings? Big one this the Tuborg Franciska Bell Des gets to kiss my arse again
Andy Looks on at the grane bell Stancrest bell and the Buccaneer bell Teresa telus becomes the first girl outside of my private life to kiss my arse Shpene bell warrior bell
Lift? Suits you sir didint you want to bag that one? Conch bell polished This is one my other Skipper Andy found Wyndcliffe Bell This was down in Falmouth Mark Bullen weighs up the odds
Ok so Kev did find the bell with Teresa so here they are two have to kiss my arse Leigh Bishop with his cute little Kingsbridge bell from 90m Thats me with my first bell the Frigga bell I knew I would get Bish to kiss my arse one day Monster this one Mark Bullen scores again Finnbourg this one from out near the shipping lanes
John Nutting with the Franciska bell The amazing Kingsbridge stern bell recovered by wreck diver Leigh Bishop in 2005 Alan Dunster gets to kiss my arse quality! Thats old Jamie Powel with the Listrac bell from International waters Dunster with the Memnon Bell all nice and tidy
Jamie with an unknown Bell
Bill Read with the Sphene bell And bill with it cleaned Our skipper Andy White as a very please man Theres that monster Tuborg bell again Go on Mark just kiss it you know the rules Still Life
Dave Easham from the good old days Leigh Bishop pulled this one up but in the days when you had to kiss Andys arse Mark Bullen found this bell on the Wyndcliffe one of two bells we had in one day The finnbourg bell we had two bells of that wreck as well
Classic shot of Andy Smith with Leigh Bishops bell. Leighs still in the water with a few hours of deco left, Grahame Knott took this photo from his boat when we were out in the shipping lanes years ago
Bones looking very please little does he know this one's got no name
Margaret Smith has the Buccaneers bell dangled on her head. 70’s Retro this one
Another Retro 70's here and Jeff Betts shows his Stancrest Bell Pete Beeson Here with the Gripfast bell The team on the boat the day Jimmy Quin had the Conch bell years ago. welsh rob with a nice bell
  Mark Bullen kisses Ian's arse after he discovered the Noya bell in 85m depth Heres Mark Bullen with the ss Noya Bell June 2007

The type of picture that summs it all up wreck diving as we know it
I'll just take a dump here shall I? This bloke gots some ears check this out Perhaps the bell that every skin deep customer has seen the Bodecia
Thats Bones again whatever happened to him? The Buccaneer Bell Mark Bullen with his dinky but classy Wyndcliffe bridge bell
dave evesham with the finnborg bell Nice bell that one Des should think your happy with that one ? primera II bell click to enlarge
Mark Bullen with the bell he recovered from the mast of the Kingsbridge sunk in 1875 The goodwood bell
Ian & Team    

If you discover artifacts from shipwrecks whilst diving with Skin Deep you can pick up a customs form from the boat or download one from the receivers website click here.
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