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SKINDEEPER is the second 11m catamaran built to Ian Taylor’s specification by South boats on the island of Wight during the winter of 2006/2007. She’s built specifically for divers in mind and was fitted out ready for charter around March 2007. She is fully licensed and insured to carry 12 passengers and 2 crew up to 60 miles offshore. Skindeeper is fitted with all the latest electronics including, radar, echo sounder, gps, DSC radio, computer potter and AIS system. AIS is a new system available to ships which receives information sent by all merchant ships giving its position, speed, heading, name, call sign etc which SKINDEEPER’S receiver automatically puts this information on to its plotter screen which makes diving near or in busy shipping lanes much safer and easier.
images of the dive boat
SKINDEEPER also has a pc onboard with gas mixing, deco programs on it and a DVD player with a surround sound system for the divers entertainment. SKINDEEPER is a purpose built dive boat with kiting up benches for 12 divers.She has a large hold so all the dive kit can be stored on board over night .She has a dry seating area in the wheelhouse for up to 6 people, a changing and bag stowage area down below and a separate on deck flushing head (toilet). she is SKINDEEPER also has a water boiler and powerful inverter to power the kettle (lots of hot drinks supplied) and a microwave. SKINDEEPER has a side door access for easy loading (no climbing over gunwales) and stern door for easy exit .she is fitted with a stern lift for easy and safe retrieval of divers (no more ladders to climb) SKINDEEP DIVING was the first dive operator to have a stern lift, the idea being thought up by Andy Smith (click on the history page).
diving in the English Channel close to the shipping lanes
Skin deep diving known for its offshore deep wreck exploration seen here during a mid channel operation close to a busy shipping lane
Skin Deeper is Skippered by both the owner Ian Taylor & Len Hurdiss.

All Skippers share the charters between them this way the long offshore expeditions chartered by the deep wreck divers ensures that each charter has a fresh and enthusiastic skipper aboard for your charter. Click on any of the images to the right to find out more about them
  Ian Taylor Len
SkinDeeper technical Specification
Hull length 11m
Beam 4.9m
Draft 1.12m
Powered 2x 350hp cummins diesel engines
Top speed 26knots
Cruising speed 18knots
Cruising range 280 nautical miles

diver on lift of skin deep skin deep's lift bring a diver from the water inside the wheelhouse diver on the deck of skin deep
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Above From left to right; Skin Deep as we have said was the first dive boat in the UK to fit a lift to the back of a dive boat. The idea was introduced by the late Andy Smith former skipper of Skin Deep when his customers began diving deeper and using more and more heaver equipment. Andy saw the problems of climbing the ladder after a dive not to mention the strain enforced on it especially divers using twin 20ltr cylinders and 15ltr side slung's. Since then most charters have taken a leaf from the Skin Deep book and fitted a lift for there customers, now a wide range of divers can enjoy hard boat diving such as elderly and disabled people and people that suffer injury's by climbing from the water with scuba equipment.
Above Centre right shows a view inside the wheel house where we have seating for customers if the weather becomes wet and a table slides down from the pole you see and fixes in position for customers to use when eating.
Above Far right shows a diver on the benches with plenty of room. Like we say Skin Deeper was designed with divers in mind and the kitting up benches are designed to allow 12 divers to comfortably get ready and exit the rear gate when the skipper sounds the horn to dive.
If you have any questions about our dive boat or the charter please email me Ian Taylor here>>> email
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