How to Make a Charter with Skin Deep
Book in 5 easy steps
Step 1>>
Have a look around my site and decide what type of charter you want. Perhaps it may be a good idea to look at our package deal page first.
Step 2>> If you are the organiser make sure you have a group of divers that also want to come and agree to your organisation.
Step 3>> Decide on what time of the year and when about's you want your holiday to run from and contact me (click here) to see if there is availability. Quite often I have groups coming back year in year out and they always have the same week.
Step 4 >> Email me or ring me with your required details and I shall send you a booking form. Also read my terms and conditions in the download files on the package deals page and make sure you agree with them.
Step 5>> Fill out the required booking form which is self explanatory and send me your deposits.

Its as simply as that! Any thing else you need to know then contact me Ian Taylor~skipper owner Skin Deeper
Skipper Ian Taylor

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