Diving with Skin Deeper From Portland
Portland has some of the best dive sites in the country sites in fact that will suit everyone and Skin deeper knows how,when and where to take you!
Diving With Us
Skin Deep Diving is the one of the most easiest complete dive operators around, we are the only operator to offer dive trips, air on board, accommodation, full board , so one booking does it all! No more endless phone calls trying to get accommodation. To find out more click on to our package holidays page.

Wreck dives
The English Channel is the busiest shipping Channel in the world and with the help of two world wars and ports that have sailed vessels since wood could float it is now channel the most wreck-infested stretches of water in the world. There are more wrecks per square mile in the English Channel than anywhere else in the world. Skin deep diving over the last 30 years has visited over 160 new wreck sites with in its day range, some of the most well known wrecks in the area and especially popular with customers are the wrecks of the Salsette, Kyarra,M2, Avalanche, and the Aeolian Sky.

SKINDEEPER has wrecks to suit everyone from 18th century sailing ships to submarines, warships and merchant ships in fact were still discovering more wrecks each and every year. Depths of wrecks are well suited to every levels of the sport, just let us known a depth range your club wants to dive within and we'll help make your choice of dives that is best suited to what you want to do. >>>>More info

In fact we discovered more virgin wrecks that any other operator click here to see what we mean
one of the many ships bells that have been on the decks of Skin Deep charter boats
Scenic dives
Weymouth & Portland is situated in the centre of Dorset’s Jurassic coastline with an abundance of reef and ledge dives such as Pulpit rock, Durdle door, Stennis ledges and Lulworth banks which are all homes to an amazing verity of marine life. We've also got some of the countrys classic drift dives round the area of Portland Bill and are very often the choice of second dives. Life thrives in these strong tidal conditions and the area offers a number of good drift dives, some will fly you through dramatic seabed locations lined with deadmans fingers and plumrose anenomies. Look more closely amongst this marine growth and you will often find unusual nudibranchs, octopus, as well as gorgeously coloured anemones that adorn these gullies.

If you’re looking for deeper more technical & advanced diving SKIN DEEP DIVING is the place to do it with. Over the last 30 years skin deep has dived more virgin ship wrecks than any other dive operator in the country, with the late Andy Smith and Ian Taylor we’ve had 46 ships bells on the skin deep decks. A few of the well known offshore shipwrecks that SKINDEEPER visits are the Illinois, Mekness, Medina, Smyrna, Waitara, Warrior II, and when we do our special wreck weeks away from Portland the Flying Enterprise and many others. So if you either want to dive some of the best classic shipwrecks in the channel or be on board when we dive the next virgin undived unknown shipwreck there is only one place to be and that’s in the professional experience hands of SKIN DEEP DIVING! >>>More info
Click here to see a bigger image of this bell
Ships Bell on the seabed discovered on a skin deep dive Photo courtesy Leigh Bishop

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