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Profile of Ian Taylor Skipper / owner of Skin Deep dive charter

Ian Taylor was born in Portsmouth in July 1971; the son of a shopkeeper/part-time fisherman .He grew up in Portsmouth and started a relationship with the sea from early age fishing with his father. At the age of eleven Ian joined the local bsac diving club and was taught to dive by a policeman Fred Clarinbould, by the time he reached thirteen he had done his first scallop dive on Lulworth banks in Dorset (little did he know that 15 years later he would be making his living on the same coastline.)
After leaving school in 1987 he moved to Northampton and then back down to West Sussex whilst training to be a gamekeeper and by the age 19 he was a single-handed keeper on a 1000arce estate in Compton, West Sussex. During this time he carried on his passion for scuba diving and spear fishing in the Solent and around the Isle of White.In 1992 Ian was made redundant from his Job as Gamekeeper but managed to get a part-time keepers job on a nearby estate .At this time in his life he decided to try commercial diving and completed a commercial diving course in Poole in the July of 1992. Ian has since worked as a commercial diver for numerous diving companies on jobs around the UK and as far away as the Gulf.
Ian Taylor
During his diving career Ian had been involved in many types of jobs including, cable laying, construction, demolition, wreck salvage, cargo salvage, lifting Donald Campbell’s Blue Bird and various other documentary work. In 1997 Len Hurdis of Autumn Dream in Weymouth offered Ian a job skippering his shuttle dive boat ‘Kyara Too’. Working through Parry’s dive centre which he ran for the duration of that summer providing a shuttle service to the wrecks around in and around Portland. During the winter of 1997 Ian ran winter weekends on SKINDEEP for Andy and Margaret Smith.

Left; Ian Taylor was one of the lead divers on the expeditions that went in search of Limbourne and Charybdis the warships lost in the English Channel, expeditions led by the late Keith Morris. The image to the left shows Ian inspecting a heavy duty porthole on HMS Charybdis at a depth of 85m. This story was cover in many magazines across the world, here Ian appears on the cover of the magazine 'After the Battle'.

More info on these expedition can be seen on Leigh Bishops website under the HMS Limbounre & HMS Charybdis at www.deepimage.co.uk.
Recovery of a ships bell
In 1998 Ian became good friends and worked for Grahame Knott running his new dive boat Atlantis 11 which they had fitted out together earlier that year, that summer saw Ian taking divers out of Weymouth and Portsmouth aboard Atlantis. During the summer of 1998, Ian through Grahame became interested in the deeper side of wreck diving and was quite soon talked into (after the usual 60m plus air dives with no wings, no memory etc), doing his tech nitrox and then trimix courses with the late Keith Morris. During November 1998 while working away as a diver in the Bristol Channel Ian like many people had the devastating phone call from Margaret Smith telling him that Andy Smith was in hospital after suffering a Brain hemerage. Ian with the help of Grahame Knott and Jon Aling carried on running Andy’s boat for Margaret and Andy for the remaining booked charters while Andy was ill. Sadly Andy never fully recovered and passed away in the beginning of December 1998.
Ian Taylor pulling another bell out of the water click here to see some more Early in 1999 Margaret smith came to Ian and offered him the great honour of taking over the boat side of Skindeep diving and after getting the ok from grahame to stop running Atlantis 11 accepted and there started a business relationship and friendship that has gone from strength to strength ever since!

Ian kept up his passion for diving during this time and was privileged to join Keith Morris’s expedition aboard Grahame’s boat Wey Chieftain II to locate and dive HMS Charybdis. During that June 2000 expedition Ian became the first diver of the expedition to descend to the wreck some 85m deep. In 2001 Ian took the huge step and ordered a new skindeep selling the old vessel to Richie Stevenson who changed the name to Seeker before selling it on to Ian’s friend Steve Wright who continues to operate it as a wreck diving charter from Plymouth. (See boat page).

With the new SKINDEEP Ian has kept a top class reputation of SKINDEEP DIVNG as one of the best dive boat charters in the UK. Ian has pushed his offshore and expedition diving to the max and has found and dived more undived shipwrecks than any other boat on the south coast, including the significant 2001 expedition to locate and dive HMS Limbourne in which Skin Deep played a tremendous part. The last few years has seen Ian and skindeep venturing to other areas than Weymouth, these include trips to isle of Wight, France, Alderney, Guernsey, Salcombe and 3 very successful trips with wreck explorer Leigh Bishop to locate virgin shipwrecks in deep water off the southern Cornish coast .

In 2001 Ian joined the RNLI Weymouth lifeboat crew and during the last 4 years has been trained by the RNLI in search and rescue and commanding search and rescue and has qualified as a boats navigator. In March 2005 Ian passed all his exams to become Weymouth deputy life boat coxswain and now takes turns covering Weymouth lifeboat station as coxswain when the full time Cox has time off. See my photo gallery click here
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