Ian Taylors Photograph Album

Heres a little page I made with a few photographs I selected from my photo album at home. Run your mouse over the images to see what they are about. I picked out a bunch that covers a wide range of years from when I was a kid with my mum, when she donned real trendy specks back in the seventies. When I get time I'll dig out some more but these days I'm too busy taking divers to shipwrecks. Next time we have a bad summer and get blown out loads come back you never know I may have dug some more images out.
Cheers Ian.
Heres me with the bell I recovered from the Frigga Heres me showing my feminine side just click the image
This is my great grandfather George Taylor taken in 1904
Heres me with my mum back in 1975 Heres me looking very proud of myself
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Heres me as a commerical diver in the early 1990's Heres when I found some Nazi Gold inside a U-Boat in Lyme Bay I sold it to get money for my new boat Heres me as a lifeboat man