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Seafood Naturally
Seafood Naturally - Line caught fishing>> click here
Skindeeper WH12 is Weymouth’s newest and largest line caught commercial Fishing Vessel; we have up to 6 crew and only use rod and line methods to catch our fish. We always carry ice to sea and all our fish are bled and then immersed into our purpose built slush ice bins within 2 minutes of being landed on board. Once they are at the right temperature the fish are then packed in the insulated fish bins until arrival back in port.
The fish are then tagged and re-packed with fresh ice and sold..
dinner at the house
Accommodation - Skin Deep Bed & Breakfast >> click here
Skin Deep offers accommodation to divers and everyone else for weekends and weekdays. we can provide all meals and pack lunches. You don't have to be diving with us either however if you are or not all you have to do is turn up.

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