Spaces aboard Skin Deeper for individual divers and groups
Often Skin Deeper runs charters where individuals or pairs of divers can team up with other groups of divers to fill the boat and make it more financially viable. We often also have groups who are looking for extra people to make up their holiday. If your looking for a space keep an eye on the board below to see what's going on, likewise if your a group organiser and are looking for extra divers to make up your charter drop me an email you never know I may know someone who would be glad of a space.
Cheers Ian
Ian Taylor Skipper Skin Deep

Charters and Spaces Now AvailableEmail me here

if you would like to charter the boat for a day or would like to book a shuttle space as an individual please use our booking system below. If you ant reason you are unable to log in to the booking system please contact Ian Taylor directly at

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